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MDI Pilot Project Counter Speech

Counter Speech is engaging online discrimination , racism and prejudice through various methods , including countering 'bad speech ' with ' good speech ', arguing on blogs, discussion groups and web forums and in the social media , dispelling myths using hard facts and information , debunking stereotypes and assertions and doing positive campaigns.

This year the MDI started a counter speech project that will run until the end of 2014 and focusses on  antisemitism and Holocaust denial , classical forms of discrimination which, unfortunately, still have a very strong presence in ( Dutch ) society .

Why ?
Traditionally, the MDI works on semi-voluntary removal, in other words: requesting removal with a big legal stick ready. This is effective in the short term. In the longer term, we see that because of the nature of the Internet, nothing disappears completely . Many things are copied and uploaded elsewhere, or simply move to physical locations where the law allows online discrimination.

Counterspeech seems to be a way of countering antisemitism and Holocaust denial that has impact in the longer-term, especially in a preventive sense. So far, we have had some good results.

It can be compared with the work of the police;  purse-snatchers are arrested every day but are set free again pretty fast, so the police force also uses prevention and neighborhood projects .

In severe cases, the MDI will allways keep on striving for the removal of antisemitism and Holocaust denial. .

After completion of the project at the end of 2014 an evaluation will follow. Based on this it will be decided whether we will broaden the counterspeech scope also to other forms of discrimination.

Counterspeech against antisemitism and Holocaust denial is very labor-intensive and needs to be done in a structured and disciplined way. But also ordinary citizens can do counterspeech, on a limited scale, for example by simply providing facts in discussions. If you have the time and energy to do this, give it a try! Every little bit helps. See the column on the right!


Do it yourself

For our counterspeech work we use the following ( online) resources / tools:

Working Defenition of Antisemitism


Joden en 9/11

Het Bloedsprookje

Mythes over IsraŽl, de Holocaust en de Joodse lobby

Vijftig vragen over antisemitisme (hardcopy, te bestellen)

Twaalf vragen over Holocaustontkenning

Platform Educatie WOII en Sjoa


Antisemitisme of Anti-Semitisme?

Geschiedenis van het antisemitisme

NIOD, Holocaust.

Do you see a discussion of which you think , "the MDI should know this", or are you involved in an online discussion and need some help, donít hesitate to inform us via
Good luck !