MDI Procedure


MDI's procedure on handling complaints


Art 1

A complaint will be handled if the complaint relates to an expression present on the Dutch part of the internet and the message contains an exact URL where the expression is found

Art 2

If the complaint does not relate to discrimination on the internet, the MDI will not be able to handle the complaint. The complainee will be referred to an institution that is able to handle the complaint.

Art 3

If the expression is not written in Dutch, the MDI will communicate to the complainee that his complaint can not be assessed and that the complaint will be referred to the relevant foreign office in the International Network Against Cyber ​​Hate (INACH).

Art 4

If the complaint is about a discriminatory expression on the internet, but the complainee has failed to include the specific location, the complainee will be asked to provide us with the exact location of the expression. Otherwise we will be unable to handle your complaint.

Art 5
If the complaint is about an expression on the Dutch part of the internet, including a specific URL, the MDI will assess whether the expression at the discretion of the MDI is punishable under Article 137 c/g under the Dutch Penal Code and related case law.


Art 6
The message will be assessed on within 10 days of receipt.



Art 7
The complainee will be notified within 10 days on the assessment of the reported content and the action taken.

Art 8

If the expression has been evaluated as punishable, the MDI will send a request for removal to the website on which the expression is located. If the expression is not deemed punishable no action will be taken.

Art 9

If the website complies with the request for removal from the MDI, the complainee will be informed that the content is removed.

Art 10

If a website does not comply with the request for removal, this will not automatically lead to a criminal case. The MDI will only press charges if the MDI deems it necessary.