MDI Responsibility


To have rights means to have responsibilities. As free citizens we have the responsibility to respect also the rights of others as well as their dignity and equality. A right without a responsibility can lead to the rights of others being compromised or even lost

The MDI does not want to replace the responsibilities of the Internet users but to facilitate their contribution to an inclusive Internet. Though a complaints bureau the MDI makes it possible for every person in the Netherlands to contribute to a responsible Internet preserving the right of freedom of expression online.  Each user can take action against cyberhate and defend his or her rights on the Internet.


It is the responsibility of the MDI to stop online hate and extremism from growing unchallenged and to make it easier for users and moderators to build a peaceful Internet.

All complaints are dealt carefully and every expression reported is analyzed according to the Dutch law on discrimination. Only illegal expressions are asked to be removed. Only through a complaints bureau is the MDI sure to answer to the demands of the Internet users and deal with online discrimination against any kind of group.