MDI Moderator


Recommendations for administrators and moderators

Terms of Service

1) Express the terms of services of your website clear and in a document that can be easily found on the website. This way, it is clear to the users and the moderators what is and is not tolerated on the website.

2) Insert the anti-discriminationprovisions
in the terms of service and refer to the legislation. Because the terms of service also function as a guide for moderators, it is important that all the elements of the provisions are inserted in the terms of service.

Suggestion for Terms of Service provisions:

1) It is not allowed to post comments, images, videos etc. that are offensive to groups of people based on race, religion or belief, heterosexual or homosexual orientation, physical, psychological or mental handicap. Such expressions are prohibited by law, see Article 137 c in the Dutch Criminal Code.

It is not allowed to post comments, images, videos etc. places that incite hatred or discrimination or incite to violence against people on grounds of race, religion or belief, sex, heterosexual or homosexual orientation, physical, psychological or mental handicap. Such expressions are prohibited by law, see Article 137 d of the Criminal Code.

3) Make clear in the terms of service which penalties there are for violation of the terms of service and apply the penalties consistently. Besides the clear communication of possible sanctions is that sanctions are applied consistently and visibly.


4) Train the moderators (periodically) in recognizing criminal discriminatory expressions. To prevent discrimination on your own site it is very important that the moderators are able to recognize criminal discrimination. This can be achieved by workshops or training. By training periodically, it helps to keep the level of knowledge consistent and makes it easier for new moderators to get up to speed.


Provide adequate moderation capacity in relation to the size of the site. Only this way is it possible to actually moderate the content on the site and respond appropriately to messages.

6) Make it hard
for a banned user to register again. Register users through their IP address will certainly help.

Store the removed content of each user so that offenders can be distinguished. In this way, an insight into the behavior of a user is possible and any penalties can be adapted accordingly.

Extra moderation on 'sensitive' issues. Some issues from the news and forums on specific topics are more sensitive to discriminatory statements than others. The deployment of additional capacity moderation on this subject is therefore recommended.

For profile websites especially: research regularly for radical friends networks and check the contents for illegal content. Without proactive moderation it is more likely that such networks arise and stay under the radar.

Report Button

Place a report button on the location where users generate content. For websites that contain several interactive elements, it is recommended to place a report button on each component.

Self-cleaning ability

Encourage the self-cleaning capacity of the community by being easily accessible as a moderator. This way the user will knows that behind the scenes of the website people are working to keep the site clean. Let a user know that reporting has effect by communicating the assessment of the reported content and any follow-up steps that have been taken.

12) Moderate visible and do so consistently (in the place of the deleted message and / or profile you can also briefly state the grounds for removal or expulsion, for example-racism.

13. Encourage the learning ability of the users by warnings and explanations about inappropriate behavior. Giving explanations provide insight into the offender's own behavior and the chance to learn from the offense. For a moderator it is important to be accessible for users who want to communicate over a (deleted) expression or a ban.


Website moderators are very important in the fight against online discrimination. Without intervention by moderators discriminatory comments will stay on the websites forever. But how do you ensure that your site remains free of discrimination? On the left you will find some recommendations that can help. One of the recommendations is to train moderators on offense discriminatory statements. If you are interested in such a training, please send an email to and we will notify you about the possibilities.