MDI Get involved


Every person has views and opinions about the media content he/she is comfortable with. Internet users don't need to be lawyers, politicians or webmasters to have their say.

If you read something discriminatory on the Internet that makes you think “this is not right”, you can immediately file a complaint. In less than five minutes and with zero costs you will be able to contribute to a tolerant internet and a responsible society.

Making a complaint is a powerful tool to remind internet users and website makers that people who surf the internet have opinions. If no one complains, neo-nazis, extremists, and people who are against human rights can claim that they are writing and uploading what people want to hear. If you are unhappy about discrimination on the Internet it is your right to complain.


The dangers of discrimination concern us all. Our role is crucial to achieve a free but responsible environment on the Internet as well as to promote a culture of tolerance and mutual respect. Also, to condemn the abuse of the freedom of expression is to defend it. Hate speech creates hostility and fear, which in the long run, can compromise other freedoms. We cannot allow freedom of expression to be used as an excuse to incite hate. We need the cooperation of all users to defend free speech and stand together for a hate-free and discrimination-free Internet. We need more manifestations of online hate to be reported and voluntarily removed to avoid negative prejudices from being spread.

When enough people complain, website owners and moderators take note of the complaints, become aware of illegal hate speech on their websites and take action. Your complaint helps the internet industry to raise their standards about tolerance on the internet and improve cyberspace.