MDI Importance


In the early 90´s, together with its unparalleled communication and connectivity benefits the Internet gave discrimination a boost. Since its start, intolerant groups have been misusing the Internet to promote stereotypes, segregate and spread hate.  


Magenta Foundation created the MDI out of the need to prevent a repetition of the horrors inflicted upon minorities in the past. Inspired by the first article of the constitution that states “all persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances” the MDI exists to maintain the Dutch part of the Internet a free and equal place. Soon, several people in the Netherlands felt the same urge to defend online equality and joined the work of the MDI by sending complaints about online discrimination.


Why working on the Internet? Internet is real life. For the past years the Dutch society have successfully assimilated the Internet in its life. It became a source of information, a meeting point, a shopping centre, a leisure occupation or even a job.


The Internet is not a different reality. It is a medium that serves people in their use of freedom and democracy and enables them to break down divisions and interact. Unfortunately, the Internet is also used to spread fear and divide people and not just to stimulate democratic and peaceful debates. Bigotry and hate are gaining cyber territory.


Today, in the Netherlands, an average person spends 17 hours a week online. Since the influence of the Internet is growing, online discrimination has a stronger impact on people’s lives and security. increasing the need to prevent the Internet from becoming a hateful place.

Since the Internet is part of our reality it is not a value-free zone the MDI is committed to defend online the values of the Dutch society: freedom, responsibility and equality.