About us


The MDI aims at an Internet free from hate and discrimination where users exercise the right of freedom of expression responsibly.



Respecting the Dutch legislation on discrimination and with the help of Internet users, the MDI strives at creating a more inclusive Dutch part of the Internet. This is achieved by having illegal hate speech removed and by encouraging a responsible use of the right of freedom of expression.


The MDI is a non-partisan NGO that gives you the opportunity to take action against online discriminatory statements. The MDI does this by handling complaints and by promoting a responsible use of freedom of expression on the Internet. A team of expert staff will handle your complaint. The MDI was founded in 1997 and works with website moderators and law enforcement to combat discrimination on the internet. The MDI raises awareness about the dangers of online discrimination and promotes change in attitude and behavior on the Internet. The MDI is part of the Magenta Foundation and is co-founder of the International Network Against Cyber ​​Hate (INACH).


Where do we get our funding?

Until late last year the Magenta Foundation received a grant from the Ministries of Security and Justice and Social Affairs and Employment Gelegenhied (formerly of the Interior) for the activities of the MDI. This grant was discontinued due to budget cuts at 31 December 2012. On the one hand this is a pity because we believe that the government should contribute in combatting discrimination on the Internet. On the other hand, our work is now completely independent. Currently we exist exclusively due to private funding and donations.